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Canwest tracks government spending

September 2, 2009

This isn’t directly related to research funding issues, but I thought it interesting nonetheless. On his blog, Canwest National Affairs Correspondent David Akin provides an interesting overview of Conservative spending announcements since their re-election in October.

According to Canwest, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has released more than 1,500 news releases announcing a total of nearly $70-billion in spending during the past 11 months.  Furthermore, during Parliament’s summer recess, typically a quiet time for government announcements, there have been 550 spending announcements for almost $10-billion. The summer recess has spanned 70 days – meaning the government has made an average of more than seven announcements each and every day (including weekends) for a total of more than $140-million announced daily, while the government has been adjourned.

While KIP spending announcements continued through the summer, science and research didn’t make Akin’s list of the biggest individual spending announcements (skills training, infrastructure, and defense announcements were the big ones). And despite doing his best, our beleaguered Minister of Science, etc. Gary Goodyear didn’t make the top five for either amount spent or press releases issued (Human Resources Minister Diane Finley was tops in both categories).

Of course, the Conservatives need to spend quickly, since the election is yet again, apparently, inevitable

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