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“Nearly” all KIP money spent

August 5, 2009

According to Gary Goodyear’s spokesman, 93% of Knowledge Infrastructure Program (KIP) spending had been spent by early July – “though not necessarily announced” – reports University Affairs. A total of 428 projects at 132 university and college campuses had received notice of funding from the $2-billion program by the end of July (including $350,000 for the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, his chiropractic alma mater and where he has previously taught – I’m just pointing it out). The UA article quotes Mr. Goodyear:

“I was very happy with the provinces coming forward with projects that just nailed the criteria and merit and, of course, had that economic stimulus and job creation,” he said. “Although the work was heavy and there were lots of projects, it did make it easy.”

Forty-six projects received at least $10-million in funding from the KIP program, and when provincial and private investments are included, a total of 74 campuses received at least $10-million for projects. Even the Liberal critic, Gerald Kennedy praised (mildly) the government’s work: “The government was under some heat for its lack of support for actual research, and I think maybe this was partly how they hoped they would outlet some of that pressure, ” though he couldn’t help but point out, “In any event, it is in a bit better shape than some other aspects of the [federal] infrastructure program. But I’m still not convinced that it adds up to any kind of coherent vision for how campuses … should really develop in this country.”

In the interview, Mr. Goodyear didn’t mention any coherent vision for campus development (though others are also calling for such a vision), but instead pointed to addressing the innovation gap as a future priority for his ministry:

Where we can do better is exactly where we’re going to focus. We can be a little better in terms of innovation, with respect to industry. Relationships between industry and universities can be improved, and any ideas to get that collaborative effort going better are exactly what we’re interested in doing.

Presumably, the Science Policy Conference, where the Minister will be a keynote speaker, will present a profitable forum for how “to get that collaborative effort going better”. If you have any ideas, then “it’s exactly what [they’re] interested in doing”, so you can post them here and we can promote them, or you can contact the minister directly.

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  1. b0rk permalink
    August 5, 2009 15:19

    Ugh. Chiropractic? Really? That same money would buy you a pair of 3-year discovery accelerator supplements for, yknow, ACTUAL scientists.


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