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Goodyear has distributed two-thirds of the KIP money, says it’s going well

June 16, 2009

In an interview with University Affairs, Gary Goodyear has announced that his government has disbursed two-thirds of the $2-billion Knowledge Infrastructure Program funding, well ahead of schedule. Minister Goodyear expressed satisfaction with how well the project has gone, providing evidence of the positive reactions of shareholders. According to UA:

Mr. Goodyear said that universities and colleges have been universally satisfied with the investment, and he points to a framed picture in his office to illustrate that point. After the announcement of an investment at the University of Winnipeg’s science and environment complex, the university paid for a full-page advertisement in a local newspaper applauding the pledge, had it framed, and sent it to Mr. Goodyear.

So, for those who want to get the minister’s attention regarding, say, cuts to research funding, I guess open letters (ahem, even those signed by 2247 researchers) and reasoned argument don’t quite measure up to framed local newspaper advertisements. Maybe a different approach is in order…

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