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UK shares funding concerns

May 13, 2009

It turns out Canada isn’t the only place where linking research funding to widget making is raising concern. George Monbiot writes in The Guardian about the controversy whereby the British granting councils will now require applicants to describe the economic impact of the work they wish to conduct. Though we in Canada are much further along this road, the rationale by the British government is much the same: to transfer knowledge from the universities to industry, boosting the economy and helping to lift us out of recession”.  The piece is eerily familiar; even in the UK: “universities are being turned into corporate research departments. No longer may they pursue knowledge for its own sake: the highest ambition to which they must aspire is finding better ways to make money.” The US better know a good plumber with all the brains that will soon be draining there. (Thanks to Workplace Blog for the link)

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