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Quedistuchercheur/ResearcherForum: Change of the guard

May 8, 2009

The amateurish team that was trying to inform you about Research policy and funding in Canada is passing the torch to a professional who is also a scientific researcher: Rob Annan.

Rob has already his own blog “” which is mostly focused on the medical and health sciences. Having seen, referred to, and copied much of his incisive analysis in the last month or so, we are certain that he can and will cover all other aspects of research, in particular those connected with NSERC and SSHRC besides CIHR.

We encourage our colleagues to continue to send links and stories to Rob for the blog. We are extremely grateful to him for the important service he is doing to the scientific community and we are looking forward to his contributions.


The campaign is moving to a new phase. As mentioned before, its weblog will from now on be solely administered  byRob Annan, a biomedical researcher and professional writer. It is our intent to evolve“Quedistuchercheur/ResearcherForum” into an established feature of the science and technology policy scene in Canada, that is supported by the universities, and the learned societies, and which will be accepted by Government and the media as an organisation able to speak for a wide section of the health, science and engineering community in a constructive but also critical and forceful manner, and without the restraints felt by other bodies.

This forum will soon have a multidisciplinary “Advisor Panel” consisting of leading Canadian researchers, and representing a wide spectrum of research disciplines.  The panelists will act as the voices of their research communities vis-a-vis both levels of government, post-secondary institutions,  and media.


Notre campagne entre dans une nouvelle phase. Son blog sera désormais administré par Rob Annan, un chercheur bio-médical et aussi un professionel de la communication écrite. Notre intention est que “Quedistuchercheur/ResearcherForum” joue un rôle établi sur la scène politique en ce qui concerne la science et la technologie, avec le support des universités et des sociétés savantes, et qu’il soit accepté par le Gouvernement et les médias comme le porte-parole d’un segment très large de la communauté des chercheurs en science et en génie, avec des positions constructives, mais aussi critiques et décisives, et sans les contraintes perçues par d’autres regroupements.

Ce forum aura sous peu un ‘Comité consultatif’ multi-disciplinaire constitué de chercheurs canadiens de premier plan, et représentant un grand spectre de domaines de recherche. Les membres du comité seront la voix de leurs communautés scientifiques respectives dans les échanges avec les deux paliers gouvernementaux, les institutions post-secondaires, et les media.


Hello DontLeaveCanadaBehind community,

It’s with a real sense of excitement that I start blogging in this space. I’m going to do my best to keep up the good work started by my colleagues and will do my best to keep you abreast of issues in Canadian research policy. It’s important for the research community to be aware of developments in national science policy and thereby to become participants in the public debate about how, and more importantly why, a strong national research policy is important. I thus encourage you to join the discussion and to pass it on to your colleagues and together we can help shape a stronger research policy for tomorrow.


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  1. Scott Jones permalink
    May 8, 2009 10:24

    Great to hear! I’ve been reading Rob’s blog and it really is incisive and well-written.

    Great job guys!


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