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Responses to STIC report

May 7, 2009

Ministers Welcome Report by Science, Technology and Innovation Council. (Did we expect anything else?)

President of Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D): “We see this as an excellent basis for the Government of Canada to move forward with a strategy that will improve the environment for life sciences and lead to more medicines and vaccines being developed in Canadian laboratories. Prompt action is critical and our industry is eager to work in partnership with the government and other stakeholders to ensure Canada reaps the rewards of innovation including high paying jobs and a better quality of life”.

Translation: Whatever the report identifies isn’t the  industry’s problem, it’s that the Canadian government hasn’t devised a proper strategy, and should be improving the environment for life siences (i.e.,  More Tax Relief).

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  1. Erik permalink
    May 27, 2009 06:57

    In the absence of military industrial complex (MIC), the results of this report are encouraging for Canada and Canada should not be compared to nations with a large MIC driving their innovation but Canada is and the fact that it shows stastically then as strong as it does speaks to the fact that an MIC is not a necessity of innovation. Eisenhauer would be trying to get the US to behave more like Canada rather than the other way around.

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