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Commercialize or perish

May 5, 2009

should have been the title of this Toronto star article, reporting on today’s STICC report.

Another incredibly immodest subtitle: “We have the knowledge, but aren’t converting it to wealth”, experts say

Here is one of the sensible comments to that article by someone who has both a science and engineering degree from a Canadian university

“To innovate, you need both (Science and Engineering) . Transforming scientific research and discoveries into products is generally an engineering role. Engineering by definition is the application of science, which is where we get most of our products from (and don’t forget business graduates, who help in the creation and growth of companies to take these products to market). Canada’s science and engineering schools are top notch, but graduates end up leaving Canada for other countries due to the lack of technology jobs available here. The government should focus on developing/attracting companies in/to Canada so we can create jobs here rather than developing talent for other countries.”

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