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Constructive dialogue

April 21, 2009

between Jim, Rob and CR.

Jim (in a comment to “… This government has made mistakes but rubbing these in will just lead to more entrenchment. That doesn’t mean making empty platitudes, but the point has been made already. It’s time to move into constructive thinking – even if the government appears not to be listening…..The research community must avoid becoming the weapon that others (journalists, opposition MPs) use to whip the government…”

Rob Annan (in response): “… apart from battling specific government decisions, scientists should be seeking a greater role in informing and influencing public policy. While raising voice in protest is appropriate when necessary (and I think the vocal response to the most recent budget is appropriate), building a constructive dialogue with government and the public will have greater long-term benefits. I applaud the efforts of DontLeaveCanadaBehind in opening that dialogue, and encourage scientists to involve themselves in the discussion at their site…”

Concernedresearcher: We couldn’t agree more with Jim (see our earlier post) and with Rob (for the obvious reasons). On the other hand, we believe that the government is listening (sorry Jim) because our campaign is not about “whipping” anyone, our concerns are of national consequence, and our recommendations are sound, reasonable and implementable.

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