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Political class reaction to the DLCB campaign

April 18, 2009

Industry Minister Tony Clement: “I will not stand here as an elected representative and say every single program in science will be funded forever. That’s absurd, in fact that’s the antithesis of the scientific method.”

Minister of state for science and technology Gary Goodyear: “Your readers should therefore rest assured that the government of Canada will continue to fund research for the benefit of all scientists and Canadians,”

Our Government is proud to invest in research and development because it improves the quality of life for all Canadians and builds a stronger, more resilient economy. That’s why Canada’s Economic Action Plan is investing $5.1 billion in science and technology.”

Liberal talking points:

· It is shocking that Minister Clement would say that funding science and research is “absurd,” when all Canadians know that investing in the knowledge economy is critical for creating the jobs of tomorrow. Minister Clement’s rhetoric is a poor diversionary tactic to move attention away from his government’s appalling record on science and research investment.
· Far from funding “every single program” in Canada, the Harper Conservatives have, in fact, cut funding to science and research. At a time when the United States is investing billions in research to stimulate the economy, this government is starving Canada’s scientists of funds and is driving them out of the country to continue their research.
· Because of the Conservatives’ inability to grasp the importance of these investments, Canada is failing to keep pace with the rest of the world and risks losing our best and brightest to other countries. The Conservatives must listen to Canada’s researchers and immediately reverse funding research for universities and granting agencies, as well as for public-private investment research.

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