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Inform your own research community!

April 18, 2009

Researchers need to know the full truth about how the reviewing system works, especially  now that the rules of the game are changing, the political class is spinning, and the bureaucrats are running for cover.

One way to inform your own community is to ask your NSERC or SSCHRC or CIHR  liaison committees (some disciplines already have one, and if not start one NOW!) to get to the bottom of the story,  and to write a comprehensive report of this year’s competition, but also a comparison with past competitions.

Then publish them HERE! where they can be debated and where your questions will not be ignored.

We shall start doing so beginning Monday. Stay tuned

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  1. Nadeem Jamali permalink
    April 18, 2009 08:20

    To me, the stupidest thing about the way NSERC has done this is the fact that only roughly 20% of the researchers have been subjected to this new method for now. The unsuccessful among these will now have fewer resources in the near future in comparison to the remaining 80% for competing in upcoming competitions. How this fifth of the research community is picked — based purely on the year you apply in — is random if nothing else.

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