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A new discipline is born!

April 7, 2009

Science policy is the discipline that lies at the interface of the scientific enterprise and public administration. It encompasses two related and complementary spheres:

  1. “policy for science” – strategies for managing and enhancing the conduct of scientific research;
  2. “science for policy” – mechanisms by which scientific knowledge informs government decision-making.

You can learn all about it at the Canadian Science Policy Conference!

But wait a minute, look at what they say (we deleted the boring stuff)

“Despite substantial government investments in science and technology (S&T), Canada’s science policy infrastructure lags behind that of other nations:

  1. current non-governmental input into “policy for science” is uncoordinated and ineffective;
  2. current “science for policy” has limited external input from academic scientists;”

Isn’t it what more than 2000 of us are saying? Should we converge on Toronto in October? Should we ask them to sign our petition? Hope that “shovel-ready research infrastructure” is not on the agenda.

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