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Did we forget about SSHRC and the social sciences?

April 5, 2009

as Terry writes in his comments (Few others also declined to sign on the same ground). The answer is No we didn’t! or at least it wasn’t our intention.  But we do acknowledge and regret the perception that the letter does not emphasize enough the arts and the social sciences. One can think of many (standard) reasons for this: intellectual bent of the writers, their ignorance about that front, keeping the letter at a reasonable length etc … The main reason though is the fact that we were not trying (in that paragraph) to itemize all the cuts. The emphasis was on a comparison with the actions of the Obama administration (We would love to know whether they did anything for the arts and social sciences! Please let us know). In that regard, it wasn’t about the money (as we will argue in a future blog) even if the comparison was numeric, but all about the buzz they are trying to create south of the border.

This said, the social sciences were very much on our mind when,

  • we question the discriminatory aspects of the CFI
  • we regret the huge misstep in earmarking the SSHRC graduate fellowships.
  • we request the presence of humanists on key government advisory panels.

The bottom line is that all researchers should get involved and have their say about where they think our world should be heading.

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