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Who represents the researchers at the minister’s table anyway?

April 3, 2009

It beats me! The following taken from a comment sent recently to the Globe may have some of the answers…

One can understand the government’s frustration since they did spend significant funds in both infrastructure and scholarships. The problem is that whoever advised them couldn’t have had a sound appreciation for how research operates and as a result their spending priorities make no sense to researchers. It is very telling that Goodyear justifies their decisions by referring to the requests from university presidents. The presidents of our universities concern themselves primarily with the budgets they control. These budgets cover virtually every expense at the university except research.

Up until a short time ago, the PM had a top-flight researcher available as an advisor. He was instead replaced by an unwieldy committee of univ. presidents, and bureaucrats. The so-called Science Technology and Innovation Council (while accomplished individuals in their own right) should be called to task and asked to justify their actions.

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